Links – 01/27/2017

  • Sean Trende and David Byler recently published a series of posts on RealClearPolitics in which they analyze the results of the presidential election and put them in historical context. Among people who are paid to talk about politics, Trende is one of the few who actually have some understanding of politics, so I strongly recommend everything he writes. His analysis of the election, in particular, is probably the best thing I have read on that issue so far. I plan to post my own analysis of the election soon and will also explain where I think American politics is headed.
  • George Borjas also wrote a series of posts a few months ago about the report published by the National Academy of Sciences on immigration.  You should check his blog on a regular basis and read his papers, he is really very good and has a gift for pointing out aspects of the research on immigration which are conveniently ignored by the media.
  • Again on immigration, I also recommend this piece by Jason Richwine, which is a great summary of the debate on the Mariel Boatlift. George Borjas is, of course, one of the main protagonists of that debate.
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center is perhaps the worst mainstream political organization in the US and deserves to be exposed as the fraud that it is. Jerry Krammer, a journalist who won several prestigious awards such as the Pulitzer Prize and the George Polk award, wrote a great report for the Center for Immigration Studies in which he does exactly that. Obviously, he focuses on the unfair treatment to which the SPLC subjected the CIS, but his report goes way beyond that.
  • Liberals often argue that welfare reform increased poverty. Scott Winship published a good piece a few months ago in which he argued that it wasn’t true. (Although it’s important to note that he made a mistake in the last section, which he corrected elsewhere.) I thought he successfully addressed the criticisms of the reform I have read elsewhere, but I welcome anything that would change my mind, so feel free to try and convince me that it’s wrong in the comments.