Links – 05/10/2017

  • Several articles recently pointed out that the widespread view that many people who voted for Trump had “buyer remorse” wasn’t really backed up by any good evidence and could just be wishful thinking. This article in the Washington Post discusses the results of a poll that seems to confirm this. On the same topic, but in a more light-hearted way, The Onion made this video about Trump voters who have “buyer remorse” as a result of having read a lot of “intersectional theory” since the election, which is pure gold.
  • This article in the Washington Post discusses the results of a survey of freshmen in the US, which shows that the proportion of them who identify either as liberal or far-left has never been so high. Interestingly, this change seems to be driven mostly by women, since the proportion of men who self-identify as liberal or far-left hasn’t changed much.
  • Barbara Woolsey wrote a good piece on Alice Weidel, the new co-leader of Alternative for Germany. She has a profile very similar to that of many other right-wing populists in Europe, which is very different from that of far-right leaders of the past and, indeed, I think it’s misleading to characterize a lot of these movements as far-right.
  • Politico recently published a long, very interesting piece on the bubble in which journalists live. It shows that, in the past few years, journalists have been concentrating at a very fast pace in a few areas of the US.
  • Nate Cohn argues that, despite a widespread belief to the contrary, Comey’s letter may not have had any effect on the election, as Clinton was already trending down before that. For reasons he explains, it’s hard to know for sure what effect it had or didn’t have, but it’s still interesting. I think it’s very implausible that Comey sent that letter to hurt Clinton. I think it’s much more likely that he did it because he knew that, if he didn’t, it would leak anyway and that would be even worse for her. People who think that, because he is a Republican, Comey was rooting for Trump clearly haven’t been paying attention.

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