Links – 08/11/2017

  • Robert Kelly argues that North Korea’s nuclear program is almost certainly for deterrence, which I think is clearly right.
  • Jonny Anomaly and Brian Boutwell published a good piece on Quillette where they warn against the danger of ignoring the possibility that results in sociological research are confounded by genetics. You may recall that Boutwell already co-wrote another essay about this a few months ago, which I shared here at the time.
  • Alex Tabarrok wrote a great essay in which he argues that, despite what Shashi Taroor claims in a recent book, the British Empire is not to blame for most of India’s problem.
  • PRRI published a study which concludes that cultural anxieties played a greater role in Trump’s success among white work-class voters than economic worries. In particular, according to a logistic regression the authors of that study performed, the strongest predictors of a vote for Trump among these voters were the belief that illegal immigrants should be deported and the fear of cultural displacement. I will probably say more about this at some point, but for now I just wanted to flag it, as it’s interesting.
  • Mark Mills argues that electric cars do not spell the doom of the oil industry. He’s probably right that, even if we make optimistic assumptions, electric cars will remain a small proportion of vehicles for a long time, but I don’t know enough about this to know whether the rest of what he says is correct.