Trump dumped Abrams

Trump apparently decided to dump Abrams, who there won’t be Deputy Secretary of State, which is a very good news. Of course, this happy development has nothing to do with the activity of the opposition, who was far too busy opposing the almost powerless DeVos or telling lies about Sessions. Indeed, as I noted yesterday, several prominent Democrats were prepared to support  Abrams. It’s because Trump decided against it despite the fact that Abrams clearly had the support of several key members of his administration. According to the media, it’s only because he is thin-skinned and learned after meeting Abrams on Tuesday that he’d criticized him during the campaign, as I also noted previously.

This wouldn’t be surprising, but it could also be that someone explained to him that Abrams’s conception of foreign policy was radically at odds with his, which it definitely is. It’s certainly difficult to take seriously the sources who told CNN that Trump only dumped Abrams because of that, since they are clearly establishment Republicans who are very angry at Trump for nixing their little neoconservative darling and it wouldn’t be surprising if they were just trying to make him look bad. Indeed, judging by the stories that have been published about this, it seems that Washington’s entire foreign policy establishment is mourning today.

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